French Verbs (Study Guide)

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French Verbs (Study Guide)

Knowing and understanding verbs is often the key to a language.

Concentrate and study on French verbs using this 6 page laminated guide designed for quick access, easy review and focus on what many learners see as their most difficult hurdle.

A student reviewing often will boost their grades and if that student is a traveler, the native speakers will appreciate the extra effort to understand and communicate in their language.

Topics covered include:

• Verb Components
• Regular Verbs: Simple Tenses, Perfect Tenses
• Irregular Verbs: Simple Tenses, Perfect Tenses
• More Ways to Use Verbs: Present Imperative Mood, Important Verbs, Idiomatic Expressions
• Irregular Verb Patterns
• Useful Verbs (Regular & Irregular)

Laminated for durability!

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