Comparative Religion:Christianity

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Comparative Religion:Christianity (Study Guide)

This extensive 3-panel study guide presents the details of the wide variety of Christianities that exist in the world today.

From Methodism to Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodox to Mormonism, Christianity has changed from being a tiny sect in ancient Rome to the largest religion in the world.

A must-have for any scholar interested in learning more about one of the world’s oldest religions, this guide covers the important details that separate one group from another, along with practices and theological differences that make each group unique.

Defined vocabulary words related to Christianity are also included.

Topics covered include:

•Shared History
•The Construction of the Canon
•The Great Schism of 1054
•The First Seven Ecumenical Councils
•Eastern Orthodox Churches
•Oriental Orthodox Churches
•Roman Catholicism
•The Protestant Reformation
•Protestant Denominations
•Christianity in the World
• and More

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