Blogging For Business (Study Guide)

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Blogging For Business (Study Guide)

Big to small businesses need customers and want to keep them.

A blog can be an introduction and a continued connection to your business that can be strong, educational and personal while reaching an unlimited audience.

These 6 laminated pages will show you everything you need to know to start, grow, maintain and measure your customer connections through this powerful business tool.

Topics covered include:

• What is Business Blogging: Defining Strategy, Blog Budget, The Content Question
• Five Effective Business Blogging Subjects: Cost or pricing questions, Problems or issues questions, Comparison questions, Review-based questions, “Best”-related questions
• Best Search Engine Optimization Practices: Keywords & Blog Titles That get Results, Meta Descriptions & Subheads, Content Length & Images
• Producing Quality Content, Proper First Paragraphs, Disarm the Reader
• Ways to Generate Traffic
• Measuring the Success of Your Efforts: It’s About Trust, Traffic, Leads & Sales, Using the Right Tools
• Maintaining Long-Term Success: Buy-In From Top to Bottom, Integrate Blog into the Sales Process, Establish the Role of Content Manager

Laminated for durability!

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