American History Easel

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American History Easel

So much knowledge of America in so few pages at an unbeatable price.

These durable coated pages will stand on their own with our built in easel for ease of reading and reference.

Hundreds of pages of book facts expertly authored, edited and designed to fit into 21 pages.

Find answers easier and faster in a great looking package.

The power of knowledge should not break the bank.

This Easel Includes:


• States with Capital Cities
• Large Cities by Population
• Topography of Land
• Rivers and Lakes
• Albers Equal Area Projection


SUCCINCT TIME LINE FORMAT - From discovery in 1942, to the present.

The most important dates, people, and events that shaped the creation and evolution of America as it is today:

• The New World 
• Growth of British North America
• Origins of the American Revolution
• Fighting for Independence
• Forming New Governments
• Federalists in Power   
• Republican Ascendant
• The Revolutionary Generation
• The Age of Jackson
• Awakenings of Perfection
• Breaking the Union
• The Civil War
• Reconstruction & the Wounds of the Civil War
• Expansion at Home and Abroad
• The Gilded Age
• The Progressive Era
• World War I and Normalcy
• Victorian to Modern America
• Depression & the New Deal
• Global Origins of WWII
• The Cold War Begins
• The Baby Boom Generation
• Post War Liberalism
• Conservatism Ascendant
• Cold War Ends
• Bush & the War on Terror
• The Obama Years

Original Documents In Full

• The Constitution of the United States
• The Declaration of Independence


• Quick reference with terms (dates served), birth, death, marriage, children, vice president and political party, plus photo

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