Mastering Social Studies Skills - Grade 4 Take-Home Edition

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Excellent Means of Stimulating Parental Involvement The Take-Home edition is designed to stimulate outside review and parental involvement. Each Take-Home version includes - * 25 individually packaged games * Teacher & Parent Planning & Resource Guide * Presentation CD * Free online subscription. Every game is individually packaged in a vinyl folder and features a set of 30 standards-based review questions, a double-sided game board and materials for up to four students. Provides comprehensive coverage of the following curriculum topics - 1.States & Capitals I2.States & Capitals II3.Native People of the US4.The US Court System5.The US Constitution6.US Congress7.US Senate8.The Presidency9.Election Process10.State Government11.Local Government12.Famous Americans13.Tall Tales14.African American History15.Westward Expansion16.US Presidents17.Immigration18.Presidential History19.Civil War20.American Symbols & Holidays21.Colonial Life22.Pioneer Life23.Map Skills24.American Landmarks25.Famous Explorers
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