Careers Bingo, Ages 3+

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Careers Bingo, Ages 3+.....A fun and educational twist on traditional Bingo; this is Stages' most unique photo bingo game!..... Careers Bingo combines the tried and true fun of bingo with beautiful real photos of 50 common jobs...... The really exciting feature of this bingo game, however, is the inclusion of both men and women in the exact same careers!..... One side of each player's card depicts men in 50 different careers; the other side depicts women in the exact same careers!..... Students can choose to use the side of the card with which they most identify, or the instructor can request that the class play with one side first, then the other side..

Kids won't be learning any gender bias while they search their players' cards to match the beautiful career photographs with the names called by their instructor...... Just a few of the featured animals include:..... judge, police officer, firefighter, astronaut, dentist, doctor, veterinarian, zookeeper, photographer, carpenter, chef, pilot, teacher and more!..... Game contents include..... 36 durable players cards, caller's mat, 50 calling cards, bingo chips, an instruction sheet, and a durable box for years of fun... Ages 3 +


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