Canadian Provinces & Territories Language Cards

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Canadian Provinces & Territories Language Cards

Introduce students to Canada’s provinces and territories with these engaging and informative two-sided language cards. Two cards are designated to each province/territory. The first card features full-colour photographs of the official flower, bird, and tree, along with an outline map of the province and capital, a representation of the flag, and facts about unique characteristics of the province/territory. The second card focuses on the capital and the land, providing photos and interesting facts about both, as well as an image of the designated shield or coat of arms. Additional cards include self-checking maps of the provinces/territories, capitals, rivers and other geographical features, enabling students to test their knowledge independently. Separate cards feature Ottawa and Parliament Hill, providing more details about the national capital. Includes 36 two-sided 6" x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) cards.


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