Numbers 0�100 Mini Bulletin Board Set

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Numbers 0–100 Mini Bulletin Board Set

Use this 16-foot-long number line to teach counting, skip counting, odd and even numbers, number words, and more!

Display this number line to demonstrate the countdown to the 100th day of school. Use a dry-erase marker to circle the appropriate number each day. Or, you may want to cut the numbers apart and then reassemble the number line one day at a time until its completion at 100 days.

Display this number line above your chalkboard or whiteboard.

Use a pointer to demonstrate these number and math concepts:

Simple Counting
Odd and Even Numbers
Greater and Lesser Numbers
Number Words
Simple Addition, Simple Subtraction
Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, etc.
Ordinal Numbers

Includes 1 Number Line 0-100, 16 feet long.

Product Code SC  504011

ISBN    9780545040112