Emoji Fun Behavior Clip Chart Mini Bulletin Board Set

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Emoji Fun Behavior Clip Chart Mini Bulletin Board Set


This Emoji Fun Behavior Clip Chart mini bulletin board is a versatile whole-class behavior management tool that features easily identifiable emoji faces and icons.

This chart will help students keep track of their behavior throughout the day and develop personal accountability for their choices.

This colorful and unique 22-piece set contains:

  • 9 Pre-Printed Behavior Clip Chart Pieces
  • 1 Customizable Blank Behavior Clip Chart Piece
  • 2 Blank Labels
  • 6 Desktop Behavior Clip Charts,
  • "Make Wise Choices" Header Sign
  • "Stop, Think, Act" Sign
  • 2 Emoji Face Accents

Behavior chart includes a different color to indicate each level of behavior management:

  • Outstanding (purple)
  • Excellent Choices (blue)
  • Great Effort (turquoise)
  • Ready to Learn (green)
  • Think About It (yellow)
  • Make Better Choices (orange)
  • Parent Contact (red)

The additional individual behavior card pieces allow you to choose as many or as few levels as you'd like.

The emoji faces make this chart perfect for non-readers and non-English speaking students (ESL/ELL).

Assembled chart measures 6" x 63".

Social media lovers will LUV the Emoji Fun Collection!

Sweet and silly emoji faces will bring a bit of digital-inspired fun to any classroom, church, daycare, or school setting!

Additional Desktop Behavior Clip Charts (CTP 0699) are also sold separately.

Tip: This set is flexible to your classroom management style! Based on the needs of your class, you may wish to limit the number of choices you display or you may use the additional blank behavior chart pieces to create additional/different behavior categories.

This mini bulletin board set also includes an instructional guide with display ideas and classroom lesson activities.

Coordinates with the Emoji Fun collection!

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ISBN       030554005961

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