Leadership for Students Book: Grades 3-12

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The second edition of Leadership for Students: A Guide for Young Leaders explodes with positive ideas and activities that will help your students discover their leadership abilities....... The activities throughout this book stimulate the exploration of ideas and encourage critical thinking about leadership....... Students will find guidance and advice that emphasize leadership skills in a variety of settings, including leadership in the classroom, school activities, and the community....... Including real-life stories on how students took on leadership positions, this book is a must-read for anyone wanting to make a difference.......The book includes a Leadership Action Journal that allows students to record their thoughts and actions as they develop their leadership skills....... With exciting learning activities like conducting a survey on the characteristics of being a good leader, organizing a debate on leadership, interviewing community leaders, and developing and implementing a plan for becoming a leader, this is the essential leadership book for the 21st century. ..... Pages: 232

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