Cut, Paste & Color: Language Development, Grades 1-2 Book

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Fortifying a fundamental skill.

The 24 illustrated lessons in this book present students with eight word clues that need to be matched with accompanying pictures. Sound (ch, sm, pl), word (star, butter, chalk), phrase (“Sharp as a ___.” “Forest is to tree as desert is to ____.”), and numbered syllable (“2 syllable,” “3 syllable”) clues are presented. The image solutions need to be cut and pasted into place.


“Dry as a ___.” “Flat as a ___.” “Light as a ___.” are among the clues presented. Images of a bird, a stack of pancakes, a pig, a bone, and a bumblebee are featured. Which image goes with the phrase?

Of course, creative coloring is all part of the fun.