3-D Phonics Bingo

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3-D Phonics Bingo

Children master CVC words by playing Bingo with a twist! Sold in 4 color box.

Product Description

(PreK-2) Master consonant and short vowel sounds using multi-sensory real-life objects!

Hands-on success with CVC words comes naturally in a new game your students will love. Create a brand new bingo card each time you play by placing 9 of the 36 realistic miniature objects on your card. Then choose a letter, say its name and sound ( “p” says /p/), and remove any matching objects from your board. Three open spaces in a row WINS! Play initial consonant, final consonant, or medial vowel bingo.

Includes 36 real-life 3-D objects, 4 multi-use bingo cards, 45 plastic alphabet tiles, self-checking answer card, and game play directions. Objects may vary. Sold in 4 color retail box.


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