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Trend Enterprises Inc. - Educational products. Trend Inc. sells Argus Posters, Ready Letters, Flash Cards, Trimmers, Classroom decorations, teacher supplies, Etc.

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Alphabet Fun-to-Know Puzzles (Uppercase & Lowercase) Ages 3+

CODE: T-36010

Price: $10.99


Alphabet Line (Modern Cursive) Bulletin Board

CODE: T-8269

Price: $10.99


Assortment of superSpots & superShapes Stickers Variety Pack

CODE: T-46826

Price: $14.99


Spellominoes Challenge Cards

CODE: T-24010

Price: $3.99


Welcome Bulletin Board (Razzle-Dazzle)

CODE: T-8247

Price: $11.99


'ˇTÚ eres RESPONSABLE por tus propias acciones! Spanish Argus Poster

CODE: TA-67504

Price: $3.49


1-2-3 Farmyard! Learning Game

CODE: T-76009

Price: $9.99


100 Day Fishbowl Bulletin Board Set

CODE: T-8086

Price: $11.99


12'' Multicolor Pack Phrase Strips Wipe-Off Sentence Strips

CODE: T-4011

Price: $4.49


12'' White Phrase Strips Wipe-Off Sentence Strips

CODE: T-4010

Price: $3.99


24'' Multicolor Pack Wipe-Off Sentence Strips

CODE: T-4002

Price: $6.99


3-D Shapes Classic Accents Variety Pack

CODE: T-10636

Price: $6.29


30 years from now, it won't matter... ARGUS Poster

CODE: TA-62882

Price: $3.49


3D Shapes Mini Accents Variety Pack

CODE: T-10870

Price: $4.29


4-Pack Bright Colors Wipe-Off Markers

CODE: T-98004

Price: $6.49


4-Pack Standard Colors Wipe-Off Markers

CODE: T-98003

Price: $6.49


A Bill Becomes a Law Learning Chart

CODE: T-38201

Price: $2.99


A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charles Chaplin Argus Poster

CODE: TA-67282

Price: $3.49


A Food Chain Learning Chart

CODE: T-38186

Price: $2.99


A smile improves your FACE VALUE! Argus Poster

CODE: TA-67333

Price: $3.49


Achievement Certificates and Award Seals Combo Pack

CODE: T-11901

Price: $8.49


Action Words Skill Drill Flash Cards, Ages 6+

CODE: T-53013

Price: $7.99


Add & Subtract Skillbook, Grade 1

CODE: T-16006

Price: $4.99


Addition & Subtraction Three-Corner Flash Cards

CODE: T-1670

Price: $9.99


Addition 0-12 (all facts) Flash Cards, Ages 6+

CODE: T-53201

Price: $13.99


Addition 0-12 Flash Cards, Ages 6+

CODE: T-53101

Price: $7.99


Addition 13-18 Flash Cards, Ages 6+

CODE: T-53102

Price: $7.99


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