Disney Phonics Quest Computer Software

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Disney Phonics Quest Computer Software

Manufacturer: Select Publishing

CODE: 7-98936-83677-9

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Disney's Phonics Quest Magically Makes Learning Phonics Fun! Join Mickey on a quest as the Sorcerer's Apprentice to uncover the magic of phonics fun! Mickey's quest begins as he opens the Sorcerer's magic book and loses six of the Sorcerer's belongings. He must venture out and retrieve the lost magical items before the Sorcerer returns to the castle. As each challenge is mastered, Mickey regains one of the Sorcerer's belongings. Children will have fun searching for the missing items while mastering phonics skills along the way!


Letter Sounds & Recognition

Vowel Sounds

Consonant Blends

Vowel Digraphs

Syllable Recognition

Word Building

Spelling Multiple Pronunciations

Reading Comprehension Rhymes... And More

Consonant Blends Use phonics clues to help Mickey match the baby dragons to their correct mothers. Single Letter Sounds Help Goofy sort the armor for the town guard by letter sounds and syllables. Word Building Assemble rocks in Pete's Quarry to solve word problems. Rhyming Organize Minnie's music by filling in missing words and rhymes.

System Requirements for Windows: Windows Vista (requires compatibility mode), XP, Me, 98 Pentium® 166 MHz or faster processor (233 MHz for voice recognition) 32 MB RAM (64 MB for voice recognition) 80 MB free hard disk space 800x600 monitor, 16-bit color 16-bit DirectX®-compatible video card Windows-compatible sound card & speakers 8X CD-ROM drive Optional: Microphone for voice recognition

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